Statistics Department

• CIRFS is collecting monthly data on production, deliveries by countries and stocks from its members, for the fibres which do not face confidentiality issues.
• We are also running an annual capacity inquiry.

The Statistical Committee holds two meetings a year (short and long term) in order to calculate the mill consumption of each fibre and to establish forecasts up to 5 years ahead.

The Textile Cycle is an analysis of 4 economic variables that will be a reference for the forecasts on man-made fibres : GDP, Private Consumption, Industrial Production and Textile Production.

Containing historical data on capacity, production, deliveries, trade and mill consumption, the Business Structure History file is THE reference for the evolution of the different man-made fibres.

• MFA survey contains imports and exports of MFA Textiles & Apparel items.
• Trade by fibre survey is a breakdown by fibre of imports & exports of MFA Textiles & Apparel items.

Production Indices for Textiles, Apparel, Man-Made Fibres, Motor Vehicles, and Construction including charts by country.

CIRFS publishes Monthly forecasts on GDP, oil prices and exchange rates.